Smart Ideas and Lots of Work


Although podcasting is a great way to enhance language learning while teaching technology skills, it demands a lot of work.

Summarize a unit or develop a theme

First, a Teacher-librarian has to plan either by himself or in collaboration with a teacher, a unit where the students will develop enough material to be able to make a RADIO SHOW (that what a podcast is). Therefore, a podcast will serve as a piece of artifact, a final project that will summarize the content of a given unit.


Material needed

Good podcast will demand some good material BUT smartphones will do just fine in quiet spaces.  Ideally, a cord less microphone, a digital console and a digital space are required but not all necessary.

Watch this video here:


Of course, if your school can provides a mini studio, at least a small room, for lower than a $100 you can set a small recording studio.

Equipment"   and


Program like Audacity does marvel to edit any podcast and is a free open source program (works on donation).


How to Effectively Use Podcasts With Your Students

One the primary role of a school-librarian is to teach literacy. Following that direction, find here some ideas (when you are set up) about how to use the podcasts linked to literacy:

1. With novel reading/study:  

     a. interview the main character(s)

     b. interview the stage crew

     c. talk about the guest(s) favorite parts of the book

     d. Interview the author or a fake author

     e. Have a round table discussion about any dimension of the book (could be lightly prepared)

2. Sciences:

     a. Discuss the different form of matter

     b. Present the new "personal discoveries"

3. Social, phys-ed....    I think you got the idea: podcasting is a RADIO-SHOW !!!