No! If you taught this article would be about physical activities, you are wrong!!!  

It is about staying fit (attuned) with the new trends and possibilities of our job.


So here let me review the association I belong to and what I follow to keep sharp:(remember to follow what is happening in your school district...)



Leading Learning (base document) is always on my counter top.



LM_NET:  LM_NET is a network of all librarians. There are very interesting posts in there. Ask a question and you should be answered!!!



BCTLA:    we offer workshop and we discuss different topics.



ALA they lead the way!   So better stay open to there discussions.



Blue Skunk Blogs:   from one my favorite author (Doug Johnson)and writer, you ll find tons of instructive stuff and stuff for debate. Many books available.



Canadian School Library Journal:   Many totally relevant articles concerning our job