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This is an opened invitation


To all of you who want to share or need help in Information and Communication Technologies please let me know. I would be pleased to either:

     - work with you to share your information/knowledge   or

     - help you putting in place what you want/need in order to enhance your students successes


What I can do:

     - collaborate: plan a unit together

     - search: find digital information your students could use as well

     - show:  teach you how to use or set up and connect components of your program such as website creation,  search engines, websites related researches...

     - voice: give your classroom a strong voice either in the LLC itself; more likely on my webpage


The idea here, is to learn and grow together.  Let join our voices and desires. Let learn together.

You know where to find me...




 Join us and put this on your calendar:

     - Lunch and learn:  Date: Launch will be on the second Tuesday of October

     - Enquiry group:  decide your topic and let's go deeper . Date TBC

     - Milk and Cookies:  drop by your LLC every Wednesday at lunch and after school to snack with us. We don't bite but we share value your presence :)

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