Calendar of activities (sample for elementary level)

Monthly Calendar

September: genre:  historical or historical fiction

  • Legends of the Fall: mimes about your books' character(s), character amplification.


Octobergenre:  mystery (fiction) or historical

  • Clue:  pick your characters, the settings, the time and the duration. Then dress up and play in a team set up where only one is guilty.
  • Guess Who:  prepares your cards, give enough clues but not too much. Try to have your partners guess the settings, the time and the reasons related to the books you had read.


November-December: genre: fairy tale/Christmas

  • Puppet show or shadow play: after reading some fairy tales, create your own story and
  •       play using puppets and/or shadow play. Be creative! Virtual or real visit with a real a
  • January:  genre: biography
  •  Wax Museum:  after studying a real historical character, depict him in her-his real set-up,
  • as you had understood her/him through your readings.
  • Shadow play
  • Impending speech
  • February-March:  poetry or classic fiction
  • Puppet show 2/ Interview with ...: recite your poetry in a fun fashion using puppets, or do a
  • podcast/recording interview with your main character
  • Avril:  total sci-fi
  • Play: recreate a part of your favorite sci-fi saga through your delightful creative play
  • May-June: last chance to perform!!  YOUR CHOICE!
  •  You learnt a lot this year, pick your tools and give us a good show!