Interesting Videos to enhance your French

Here find some suggested excellent basic videos to learn

or review French pronunciation, formulations and basic counting.

(Those sites or programs are mainly for adults)


#1.   This guy has excellent short videos for beginners. He forgot to remind you to "repeat after" he presents.


#2.  Mademoiselle Matrat teaches with SONGS. Well designed and engaging basisc french lessons.


#3.   I really enjoy this site. It presents different level of difficulties (beginner to intermediate). Very effective.


#4.   OUINO is a program with videos and real life situation dedicated to adults. $217.00 unlimited, lifetime access and free downloads.  have a look by yourself, they way they teach sounds very effective to me.


#5.   My favorite app!!   From beginner to advanced, you ll find every thing you need (except someone to really talk to!)

Highly recommended.


#6.   YABLA:  I strongly recommend this one as it is very well built and quite cheap: $129.95 CAD/an.. All levels. Very interactive.