Mission Statements

My teacher-librarian Statement


Philosophy:           as a trained educator, to know within the scope of my task its entirety and certainty, that I am a definitive step in students evolution and

                          by believing in myself and others people around me, I can help them  to expanding their wings.

Vision:                 everyday, to feel harmonious, joyful, happy, in union with the learning principle that state that “everyone is entitled to better him/herself”

                         and by knowing so, entitle the learners, the pleasure of discoveries. (self and beyond)

Mission:      to create safe time and place for me and for others, that promotes happiness, self-worth, meaning, that brings memorable moments in and within

                the learning community      

Principles:      synergy, exchange, organic use, synchronicity (which indicate connectivity) Know and use limits and boundaries, collaboration, acceptance, expansion

Values:        love, respect (tone of voice, posture and gesture), gentleness, action, effort, tenacity, vision, self-listening mastering, honesty, aspiration, compassion.

Actions:      invite, share, offer, collaborate, join support groups, inspire people, encourage, learn and choose to apply (new and old) knowledge,

                 apply wisdom, create and enjoy creations, communicate(oral, digital), find common grounds, jump on opportunities, take time to relax, read, research,

                 present, enjoy. Take a pause.

Behaviors:        show respect, place boundaries, support others, share moments, be welcoming, enjoy students and people.

Strategies:     join groups, implement action plan, implement and display my “vision and mission” statements, walk my talk, be pro-active, get out there, get involved

                    stay in control of my schedule to avoid feeling overwhelmed, call for help when necessary, participate in solutions

Goals:           enjoy my job, have a sense of accomplishment, maintain a webpage

Ritual:           yearly “Librarian get-together, "the learning show"

Rewards:       friendship/ opportunities/sense of fulfillment.


About the LLC

Philosophy:  the LLC is a place of learning, of togetherness and fulfillment where everyone can learn in many ways, always in respect and support

Vision:  while not silent, LLC is a quiet place where one comes to learn, to play or to rest; meaningful attention and intentions are requested.

Mission:   to provide all the tools necessary for the betterment of self-including support, collaboration, positivity, best attitudes and behaviors. “Use with care” applies.

Principles:   synergy, collaboration, self- regulation, attention to reflection, focus, pleasure

Values:  love of reading, love of books, place of focus, collaboration, careful design, discoveries

Actions:  demonstration, listening, whispering, using, researching, playing, serving, reading, discovering

Behaviors:  respect, control voice, walk, focus, support, research, stay calm, contribute

Strategies:  use printed or digital material to perfect skills, offer a calm and supportive place, abundance of resources (printed and digital)

Goal:   to form students and staff into being great readers and searchers while knowing to decipher between poor and great information.  Achieve literacy, increase reading skills and use of LLC

Ritual:   welcome students, staff and volunteers by their name. Offer staff, once a month, a coffee and cookie.

Rewards:    increase in student success, staff contentment.