My Vision of an Ideal LLC (library Learning Commons)

Find here pics of many different Learning Commons through out the world. Each picture has a comment underlining what aspect of the specific Learning Commons has to be kept and what are my preferences. At the very bottom of the page, I am discussing some parameters I can control as a Teacher-librarian and other aspects I am inherit from the structure of the library itself and from the district management.


Typical elementary Learning Commons with a sitting carpet,

lots of colors, low book shelves. Good elements to keep.

                                         This is a pic of a phone to use for podcasting, for learning apps and video recordings.

                                                                                        The picture could be of a tablet or a computer as well. The idea is that every LLC

                                                                                         need a stack of those gadgets to enhance learning and give an opportunity to use those

                                                                                         programs and to expose their material to the world.




Two musts:  a screen and a projector or a Smart Board. These tools are essential in the LLC especially for LLC special events like "virtual author visit." Furniture is also to be considered carefully. The black "seats" can be rearrange in square and oval and are made in sturdy material. Good investment can go a long way.









Furniture to keep: the oval low book shelves are also used with chairs as desk. The bottom photo is filled with (too many) colors and practical seats and tables that is used as computer stations.  Hopefully, the top of the table is writable.


      Themes are useful in a LLC but too much writing can just loose the message.                                                                                            Nice display but two much colors.                                                                   


  That LLC LOOKS nice but if you give a closer look, it seems like a big lego station. In my opinion, TLs have to stay away from delivering a "play ground" looks and/or functionality. We have to stay focused on literacy although some games can be displayed and used.

   Functional and in front of the windows which are greatly appreciated, this section of the LLC is sure greatly sought after for a moment with a book.


                                                                       The TLs office: never built an LLC without it. This is where the TL                                                           takes time to fix the book, do some researches and talk business with his collaborators.